Zwopr - Time for neighbourhood help

Find neighbourly help on Zwopr as easy as never before - whether it's shopping assistance, going for a walk, etc. Simple. Quick. Free of charge.


The corona pandemic is increasingly restricting the everyday life of people worldwide. Especially for vulnerable groups such as senior citizens, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection.

Therefore solidarity is now called for! Through the Zwopr community you can find help for your tasks with just a few clicks. In order to be able to help people outside of the app, we cooperate with aid organizations such as the DRK Berlin Müggelspree (German Red Cross Berlin Müggelspree) to directly place helpers. In a few days the platform will also be available in English to support people worldwide.


Mutual help

It's simply fun, sustainable and meaningful. Top organized in the App.

Nice people

Find new helpful contacts in your environment - at Zwopr everyone pulls together

Zwopr hours

Help others and let them help you with the earned Zwopr hours - time instead of money

save money

You do not always have to call a craftsman - let the community help you

Known from

The Zwopr App

Helping people
simply network in the app

Zwopr app

Join the community

With Zwopr mutual help becomes child's play

Zwopr is a digital platform for people who like to support each other in everyday life. You indicate in your profile where you need help and where you can help someone else - then everything goes automatically and you get suggestions in the app.

This is Zwopr

Never again feel uncomfortable asking for help!

Sometimes asking for help is an effort...
Not on Zwopr! Every Zwopr member is here for exactly that: Because helping each other makes sense.

How it works

No expensive invoices from service providers!

At Zwopr you don't pay anyone with money - you send time. And you earn this time quite simply by helping others... by doing something you enjoy.

The Platform

Find help easily

Explore what other members in your area need or offer. Zwopr will automatically suggest the members that suit you based on your information.

Become active

Zwopr is for you

We developed Zwopr so that you can always find someone to help you with your challenges - just give it a try!


Zwopr - a project of friends

There are people everywhere who are willing to help...
...and with Zwopr everyone is perfectly networked!

Helpers Offers
Helping hands
The Zwopr movement

We are Bernhard Koller, Tassilo Ippenberger and Christian Ebert from the Zwopr founding team. In March 2019 we laid the foundation stone in Munich - join us and start with Zwopr in your area! Find out more about Zwopr and the idea behind it, here in the founder interview.

Aid is reciprocal

Finding help is not difficult - you just have to know where to look

Zwopr connects people in real life. Everyone can find help when they need it, simply via the app. In this case, you won't be billed with money, but with the internal time account.

Who would have thought it?

Genuine Zwopr can be found everywhere

Great platform to take advantage of services but also to help yourself at the same time! love it!

Felix, Berlin

great thing, fantastic thought

Gine, Traunstein

I think the rig is great. Saved me a trip to the barber shop and loaned me my ladder. Even when I was looking for someone to put my summer tyres on the rims and change them, someone found himself. Cool idea!

Lisa, Munich

This app saves my everyday life! Thanks Zwopr

Helena, Innsbruck

Probably the most social among social networks

Why is Zwopr so helpful and useful for everyone?

Helping becomes so easy

Helping each other has never been easier than with the completely new social platform Zwopr!

Almost by itself

List how you can help someone and where you need help yourself - Zwopr brings everyone together.

save money

Zwopr is completely free, brings you contacts in real life and is simply fun!


The times when you put off important challenges are over! On Zwopr you will find thousands of people who will stand by your side in different situations in life

Be happy

With us you will find exactly the person you think is suitable to support yourself. Just give it a try.

You too come to Zwopr

With just a few clicks you are there and can move big