The Zwopr app

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For about one in two people, support for everyday or even special challenges would often be a relief.

But how to get help?

The Zwopr app

The app works as simple as this

Zwopr members support each other in all kinds of tasks. For example, you can hang a lamp for someone and another member will go with your dog gassi if you are prevented. If you help someone through Zwopr, you will not only receive recognition, but you will also transfer the time spent to your time account. This also works beyond the neighbourhood (in a radius of up to 100 km), is very easy and fun. And if you are in a strange city, you will surely find someone to show you the area via Zwopr.

The Zwopr App

Step 1

Register in the app and create your profile in a few steps. Indicate what you sometimes need help with or can help others. In this way, the right people in your environment can be suggested to you automatically.

The Zwopr App

Step 2

Find helpers and contact them easily.
In the search field you can enter what you need and you will be shown suitable members in your area. Or post it as a request for help and describe to the community exactly what it's all about.
Write messages to other members directly on Zwopr and get in touch easily.

The Zwopr App

Step 3

Let the helper help and give the helper the time.
Every Zwopr member has a time account with a starting credit. Zwopr hours are the internal currency on the platform.
Who wants, may of course also help without time transfer ❤️

The Zwopr app

You can download the app as follows

The Zwopr platform is programmed using state-of-the-art technology and can therefore be downloaded as a web app even without an Appstore or Playstore. You can download the app icon to your home screen with a few clicks:



Step 1: Go to via Safari
Step two: Press the Parts button below
Step Three: Click on "To home screen
Step four: Save it with "Add".

Zwopr Help App


Step one: Go to in the Chrome Browser
Step two: Press the top right of the menu
Step three: Click on "Add to Home Screen
Step four: Save it with "Add

Zwopr Help App

You too come to Zwopr

With just a few clicks you are there and can move big