Our Story

"Imagine - a world where people find the help they really need. Simple. Fast. Free of charge."

Bernhard, Christian and Tassilo have been best friends for 20 years - now spread over Berlin and Munich, the three are driven by a common motivation. To lead a good life and to improve society with positive impulses. That is why they have been organizing an annual charity event for the benefit of children's cancer aid since 2014. They have noticed that it is often difficult to ask someone for help - either because it is simply unpleasant to ask or because one does not know who can provide what help. Although the willingness for mutual or neighbourly help is deeply rooted in us, it is often simply not available. This should be changed - the idea of Zwopr was born.

Bernhard Koller, Tassilo Ippenberger and Christian Ebert from the founding team.

Already in early 2018, we started to develop designs for a model that makes neighborly help easy, using the latest technology and mobile availability.

After almost 12 months of planning and development, the first version went online in March 2019. In the Munich region we were able to gain many thousands of members within a few months and show that it is possible. Even during this test phase it became clear that Zwopr also appeals to a relatively young target group. Fantastic - because the problem with existing neighbourhood help groups is often obsolescence. So we are on the absolutely right track and have a solution with Zwopr.

By the way, the name for our "project" was quickly found: Zwopr is derived from the English word "swap /swop" for "exchange", because at Zwopr people exchange help among themselves. In the sense of classic time-exchange rings and time-banks.

And there you go: Trading time instead of paying. Everyone does what they do best or what they like to do best - and gets time credited for it.

You too come to Zwopr

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